High PR dofollow commenting blog list 2017

High PR dofollow commenting blog list 2017
High PR dofollow comment is a system to connect between blogger, blogs and blog readers. The blog commenting is best way to share opinions and ideas between bloggers. Commenting blog sites are used by bloggers to build dofollow backlinks to improve web traffic and web page rank in search engine result pages (SERP).
High PR dofollow blog commenting sites useful for bloggers who are looking for a bit of extra traffic. Tow types of blog comments, nofollow blog comment and dofollow blog comments . Dofollow blog comments pass link juice but nofollow link not use by google to pass link juice. So the blog commenting is a best way to create backlink building for SEO and drive targeted traffic to your blog.

Importance of High PR dofollow blog comments:

  • To get dofollow backlinks  you can do comment on blog post that improve web page rank in search engine results pages and page rank .
  • Comments can help you to drive direct traffic to your site.
  • It can help market your brand on the internet.
  • To get network online with target audiences.
  • You should comment only high page rank and high alexa rank blog commenting sites.
  • You must comment on only those blogs having relevant content or similar to your site.
  • If you use large volume low quality unrelevant blog commenting websites to build dofollow backlinks then your page rank may be lower. So comment must use high page rank dofollow blog commenting sites.

Here is a list of High PR dofollow dofollow blog list:

Comedy Central
Code Project
Pams House Blend
Red Sate
Java World

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31 thoughts on “High PR dofollow commenting blog list 2017

  1. Hi,
    I have been blogging for 6 months here at gosview.com. In my blogging journey, I have gotten many lists about blog commenting, forum posting etc. But your list is really awesome. I have used a few sites from this list. It’s excellent for driving handsome traffic to my blog.
    Thanks for sharing this fresh links.

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